PAX East 2016: A preview of Rokh

by: Nathan -
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Survival games seem to be popping up more and more these days. With Dayz, H1N1, Ark Survival, and Rust, the one thing all these games have in common is that 

The goal is to survive on the planet of mars. The difference between Rokh and other survival games is that the developers want the game to be more about cooperation. You can go around attacking other players if you want, but there will be huge risks involved. If you try to attack someone and they puncture your suit, then you are going to be losing oxygen and will be dead within minutes. The portion of the game that I saw involved creating a small base. You can build it however you wish but you need to make sure it's completely sealed with an airlock so you won't be constantly losing oxygen. Once the base it complete you can add generators, electricity and other furnishings, although I'm not sure if these things will be readily available in the final game or if you need to scavenge to create them.

The game was only a prototype but the map itself was massive and the developers stated that you will be able to travel anywhere you see in the distance. Of course to do this, you need a vehicle, which you can craft from parts. This is where the cooperation part of the game comes in. Say you are really good at building houses and have a lot of materials to do so but you are bad when it comes to vehicles. Then someone comes by who is very good at building vehicles but is bad at houses. It would be in your best interest to work together to help each other out and stay alive longer. That of course isn't to say that all players are going to work together and it will be fun to see groups of bandits cooperate together to try and raid other players.

Community created content will also be a huge feature in Rokh as the developers plans on eventually opening up the game to the Steam workshop and will allow full mod support for the game. They envision players creating their own game modes, activities and rules for the game. Imagine pulling up the server list and seeing "Mad Max server, vehicles only, dust storms". The possibilities are endless. 

I see a lot of potential in this game and it would be nice to play one of these games with come degree of cooperation without someone killing you for your tin can every five minutes. Rokh will begin it's Kickstarter campaign in early May.