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Happy Alien Day from Gaming Nexus

by: Sean Colleli -
More On: Alien vs. Predator Alien: Isolation

This is just a friendly reminder that today, April 26th (as in 4-26, as in LV-426) is Alien Day! Whether it's the Giger-esque art in Contra, the tense, forbidding atmosphere of Doom, or the top-to-bottom Space Marine ripoff in Halo, the Alien franchise has done a lot to shape and influence video games over the past three decades.

Why not celebrate by indulging in some classic Alien games? There are quite a few good ones in the retrospective I did a couple years back. You could revisit the recent horror masterpiece from Sega and Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation. Or if that's a bit too terrifying for a Tuesday afternoon, you could go old school with Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000. If you're really old school and hardcore you could try installing the excellent Aliens Total Conversion mod for Doom from way back in 1994!

Of course you could just go hunting for the re-issued Alien Stomper Reeboks on Ebay. I hear those prices are pretty scary too. In any case, it's a good day for a bug hunt...whether you're doing the hunting, or being hunted yourself. Remember, in space, no one can...well you know.

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