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Rock Band 4 PAX East News Roundup: 2016 Roadmap, Ion support and new in game characters

by: Dan -
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In addition to the big news that Online Multiplayer and never before Rock Band features are coming in time for the 2016 holidays, Harmonix announced that an adapter is on the way for the Xbox 360 ION drum kit and that some cool Battleborn Characters will be popping up in Rock Band 4. First, the support for the Ion Drum Rocker is a big announcement, as that was an expensive set that many people invested in to complete their Rock Band experience last gen. For those that held on to them, a new adapter from PDP (price not announced) is in the works for this fall that will allow you to connect the Ion set to your Xbox One. Two interesting things of note are that we will get more details at E3, but also that this is a PDP product and NOT a Mad Catz product, likely due to that companies recent struggles. Check out the 2016 roadmap that was presented at the panel to get a glimpse of the immediate future of Rock Band 4.

As far as the Battleborn characters, the plan is to release Thorn and Miko from Elroid faction into the game with further details likely available tomorrow once the topic is discussed at today’s panel at PAX East. The image below shows them in game, which is not too much of a departure from some of the characters already available.

The complete list of announcements:
  • Battleborn® characters available as playable characters in RB4 coming in May
  • Double Kick Pedal support coming in May
  • Practice Mode coming in June
  • ION drums support for Xbox One coming in the fall from our partners at PDP
  • An expansion pack coming to Rock Band 4 in the fall featuring big new features
  • Online Multiplayer - Holiday 2016
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