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Mirror's Edge Catalyst sets a new release date

by: Rob -
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With the Closed Beta starting today, EA and DICE have pushed back the release date for Mirror's Edge Catalyst to June 7th in North American and June 9th in Europe. That's about 2 weeks later than originally expected, but the development team is claiming this will be just what they need to get the best product out there. 

Mirror's Edge, for those that never played the original, is a 1st person runner. It takes a pretty unique view on mashing up a few genres and tries to really move the experience through crafty storytelling. This edition is removing gunplay entirely and really focusing on the parkour aspect of finding a less violent path through a brutal and unrelenting world. I enjoyed the original and am looking forward to this sequel, hoping it can really push the visual limits of gaming.

We took a longer look at the story section earlier, and you can see the trailer from our post a while back. Further details are available on the Mirror's Edge Catalyst blog.

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