I set up a Deathclaw vs. Yao Guai arena battle, but spectators have no chill [Fallout 4]

by: Randy -
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No. No, I wouldn’t say that went according to plan, Fallout 4. When I opened the animal cages in the arena, and the Yao Guai bear and Deathclaw clamored out of their traps to square off against each other, I didn’t expect the spectators—my Sunshine Co-op settlers—to start going HAM on the combatant creatures. My settlers started taking potshots from the bleachers.

The Yao Guai and the Deathclaw were doing their jobs: they were fighting to the death. But my people felt the need to speed that along. Ada, my robo assistant from the Automatron DLC, opened fire with her laser cannon arm. Pipe pistol shots start popping off from the other folks in the stands. Someone’s throwing Molotov cocktails. Grenades appear to be happening. I'm surprised they didn't start throwing each other over the walls into the arena.

The entire show was a soup sandwich. And all I could do was stand there and watch. There's obviously some crucial element to arena building that I'm missing. Suffice it to say, Bethesda's instructions in how to use the pieces of this Wasteland Workshop DLC are insufficient. I'll be happy to write out impressions of my further experience with the Wasteland Workshop; arena battles are the big draw for this piece of DLC, but they're not the only new content. For now, though, let’s just go to the tape and watch the settlers ruin my big show debut: