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Everyone's favorite spider is getting a rework in the next SMITE patch

by: Nathan -
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IT'S HAPPENING! This is something the community has wanted for quite some time and it's finally here. The long awaited rework for Arachne is coming in the next SMITE patch. Arachne is getting a reworking of her base model and it looks fantastic! Check out the her brand new card art below to see her new look. 

One important thing of note is that another feature that the community has wanted for a while is coming in the next patch as well and that is reported player notifications. SMITE currently has a system in play where you can report players for harassment, AFK, intentional feeding, rage quitting, and hacking. However, the one thing missing with this feature is that you would never know if action would be taken against said player. Now in this next patch a new feature is being introduced where you will get a pop up in game when action has been taken against an account of someone you reported. 

Other goodies included in this patch include Tier 2 skins for Chang'e and Hercules. 

Other skins include the last three skins for the Escape from the Underworld event including Grim Eclipse "Hou Yi", "Grim Weaver" Arachne and the final exclusive reward, "Grim Shadow" Nox. 

Finally, Amaterasu is getting her mastery skins. 

For the entire list of patch notes including all the buffs (really, He Bo and Ah Puch buffs? Just..... why?) and nerfs, check out SMITE's official Reddit page.

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