Fallout 4 Chryslus Rocket 69 crosses over to Forza 6

by: Dan -
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Well, how is this for some Fallout love crossing into another game. We have previously seen Vault Boy antenna topper in Rocket League, but this may top that, as Fallout 4’s iconic Chryslus Rocket 69 is now a playable vehicle in Forza Motorsports 6. The video below is all created using in game footage and it is awesome seeing that massive sled of a vehicle zooming around the tracks in Forza.

Per the Xbox Youtube channel, this looks like a freebie if you have played Fallout 4 or Forza 6, so check your messenger over the next few days.:

Beginning today, codes for the Chryslus Rocket '69 will be sent via Xbox Live messages to gamers who have played either Forza Motorsport 6 or Fallout 4 on Xbox One while connected to their Xbox Live profile (one code per Xbox Live account). Due to the millions of codes being sent, it can take up to seven days for codes to arrive. Players who purchase Forza Motorsport 6 and/or Fallout 4 between April 14 and the end of the month will receive their codes beginning in early May.