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The Banner Saga 2 launched (like a Viking Drakkar!) today

by: Randy -
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What was I doing two weeks ago? Did I fall into some godforsaken void? Did I fully take up residence under a rock? I don't know. Either way, I failed to post the launch trailer for The Banner Saga 2. I'm more disappointed in myself than you could ever be disappointed in me.

But today, April 19, is its launch day on PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions to follow. The first Banner Saga (GN score 8.8) is still one of the most fantastical runs along the Oregon Trail I've ever taken, with gut-punching Nordic awesomeness lighting up funeral pyres all over a Sleeping Beauty artstyle. The brush strokes are sweeping and epic; the music is Viking-chant heavy and campfire-cooked; the tactics on the battlefield only get you halfway through the logistics of the entire journey. Good, good stuff. And with The Banner Saga 2 being every bit a sequel to the first, I feel like today must be my birthday.