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Closed beta dates for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst announced

by: Jeremy -
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We’re stepping closer and closer to the release of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst on May 24. The return of Faith is a big thing for me personally as the original game is one of my favorite games of all time. In order to prep for the game’s release, EA and Dice have announced that they are running a closed beta test for the game next weekend.

The testing phase will kick off on April 22 and run for five days, until April 26. Those who were selected to participate who are members of the Frontrunner program will receive their codes on the 22nd. Everyone else who was selected will receive their code on the 23rd. The test will allow players to experience a sampling of all of the game’s various modes and features, including several of the game’s main missions, side stories, and the Social Play features of the game which are highlighted in the video below.

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