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IGN shows you how to craft in No Man's Sky

by: Sean Colleli -
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No Man's Sky so far has eluded classification. The game's director Sean Murray has only ever tentatively described it as an "exploration" game. The continuing IGN First expose makes it quite clear, however, that No Man's Sky is probably a survival game. Just a very, very big survival game. As a great man once said, space is big, really big. You might think it's a long walk down to the corner apothecary, but that's just peanuts to space.

And that really big space is packed with resources and goodies that you will desperately need to survive, because space is also incredibly hostile to life. From raw materials to blueprints, you will require additional minerals to keep your suit, multitool and ship upgraded and in working order. This creates a fairly addictive gameplay loop that has just made No Man's Sky a heck of a lot more interesting.

Finally, now we're getting somewhere. After years of vague speculation, we know one of the primary things we'll be doing in this game. And considering I can't walk ten feet in Far Cry Primal without pilfering some alder wood or scraping up some southern rock dust, No Man's Sky could be a very dangerous game for me. I'm already addicted to building better huts for my fellow early modern humans. What if I'm upgrading a freakin' warp drive instead? No Man's Sky will (hopefully) arrive on June 21st.