Doom's multiplayer has a surprising amount of customization

by: Sean Colleli -
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Doom is only a month away now and Bethesda is revealing more about its multiplayer customization options. As you rank up you unlock new loadout slots, weapon mods, camo colors for guns and armor, and of course perks. This new video shows off the depth of customization and it's surprisingly robust.

That said, after spending time with the beta I'm not sure if all of this works. Adding Call of Duty-style leveling and perks--as if every multiplayer shooter automatically needs those things now--can clash with the purity of the experience. Doom is fast and frenetic like Quake III, but it doesn't work as a pure arena shooter because players don't all start on even footing. More experienced players spawn with perks and better guns. And don't even get me started on the Demon runes; they're awesome sure, but "balance" doesn't seem to factor into them.

It remains to be seen how Doom's multiplayer ultimately shakes out, and how SnapMap affects the dynamic. But for now the balance seems a little lopsided, at least to an old Quake fogey like me. 

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