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The wait is over: Destiny's April Update is live

by: Sean Cahill -
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We've known about Destiny's 2.2.0 update for about two months now. After several blog posts, videos, news releases, and a whole lot of waiting, the time is finally here.

As of 1PM EDT, the April update is officially up and running on the servers. Players will expect a long patch to be downloaded to their system of choice, so if you have the ability to start it remotely, now would be the time to do so in order to minimize your delay.

The file isn't exactly small, but downloading problems have not been reported. My Playstation 4 has already downloaded it as of 1:30PM and is currently going through the installation. If there are any server problems that pop up, we'll let you know.

For now, get to downloading and get ready for all new content!