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Killing Floor 2's new game mode lets you play as the Zeds

by: Nathan -
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Killing Floor 2 got a big update titled the "Revenge of the Zeds" content pack and it includes the Versus Survival PvP game mode that some have been waiting quite some time for.

Instead of the normal hoard mode, this game mode allows a team to play as the Zeds for the first time including the Clots, Fleshpound, Stalker, Siren and the Patriarch. There are over 10 Zeds to choose from and each one of course has their own special abilities. 

Here is the full list of content that is now available. 

  • New PVP Game Mode - Versus Survival. Players can take control of either Humans or Zeds
  • New Map, the Prison. New map achievements are also available
  • New Offperk Weapons - Sharpshooter perk and remaining weapons will follow. 
  • New Item Crafting System. Craft weapon skins or cosmetic accessories
  • Over 70 new community workshop items in 4 new supply crates and 5 new USBs Bug fixes and improvements??and much more!

To celebrate the release of the new game mode, Killing Floor will be discounted on Steam at 33% off ($20.09) until Monday at 10AM PST. 

If you want to see the new game mode in action, be sure to check out Tripwire Interactive's live stream of the new gamemode. 

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