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HTC updates the situation with the Vive shipments

by: John -
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It seems both the Oculus and now HTC have had issues with shipping out their respective VR HMDs. A lot of folks are complaining about not getting their HTC Vive even though they ordered in the first few minutes of when the sight went live. Even some folks that ordered a day later had their Vive delivered to them. 

So what's going on and why is HTC not handling this better? They've been in the hardware game for a long time so you would think they would know how to handle shipping orders correctly.

They have put out an update on the situation, but it doesn't clear things up that much. I'm one of those that have an April delivery date, but my credit card hasn't been charged yet and I ordered in the first 30 minutes or so of when the site went live. I'm hopeful it gets sorted out quick, but it is a little disheartening to hear some folks who waited a while to order get theirs first over the ones that placed their orders right away.

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