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SMITE is getting a new goddess in the next patch and holy crap, she is amazing

by: Nathan -
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Hi-Rez has really outdone themselves this time. A new patch is coming to SMITE next week and will bring with it the start of the "Escape from the Underworld" event, some new skins and a brand new goddess. 

First up is Jing Wei, a new Chinese hunter. I absolutely cannot wait to play as her because she looks like one of the most unique characters ever added to this game.

Her passive allows her to fly around the map for five seconds after she leaves the fountain. Yes, she can fly, in the air and even though it's only for five seconds, she can travel pretty far before landing.

Her first ability summons a gust of wind where enemies are damaged and knocked up, but she can also combo it with her third ability. If Jing Wei runs over her own gust of air, she will be launched in the air and then use her third ability to fly in the air for a long ranged dash.

Her second ability can hit multiple enemies and can crit as well.

Finally her ultimate ability looks absolutely brutal. She flies in the air and then summons an air strike from above.  

Now when I first saw her shown off in the latest patch notes video, I thought that even though she has an amazing kit, she is really OP as hell. Then I realized she has a counter, Awilix who can grab people out the air with here Ultimate ability. Next week when this patch goes live, you all best be autolocking Awilix for that hard counter. 

This week also begins the "Escape from the Underworld" event. I made a mistake that the Hades skin would be the exclusive skin that could only be attained by getting all the other rewards. It will be the Nox skin that is that exclusive skin. Guan Yu and Hades will kick off the event with their skins and other will be added throughout the month. 

There are some other skins in this patch as well including the "Pandamonium" Odin skin which turns Odin into... a panda bear. 

Neith and Vamana will get their tier 2 skins and Awilix will get her updated mastery skins. 

Hmm, Awilix getting her mastery skins in the same patch that features a new goddess that tends to be in the air a lot? Coincidence? I think not. 

For the full list of patch notes including all the buffs and nerfs (Odin's cage finally gets a cooldown nerf, thank god) be sure to check out SMITE's official Reddit page.

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