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Destiny just unloaded a long list of tweaks and changes ahead of 2.2.0 next week

by: Sean Cahill -
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Destiny players are eagerly awaiting patch 2.2.0, which goes live next week on April 12. There's a lot of good things that are coming, such as an increase in light level to 335 for those already maxed out. There will also be a bunch of new gear, a few new events, and plenty more to keep the players locked in for awhile.

Today came the other side of the coin that most everyone dreads with patches and updates: Tweaks and balances.....otherwise known as nerfs. These were detailed in a stream session by Bungie.

In a long running game, these are inevitable. Some classes and actions are overpowered or too weak and the mechanics must be changed in order to make it a fair environment for everyone. Bungie said to expect these, and here's a list of some of the changes:

  • Special Ammo is getting yet another change in regards to Crucible

Players are probably tired as can be with how special ammo gets treated in PVP, but this change is probably for the better. Every player will spawn into a new Crucible event with special ammo again, but the real change comes with the chests. That thirty second timer on those chests? Gone. Now it will take three minutes to spawn the first round of special ammo and two minutes each round thereafter. Your special weapons that auto-regenerate ammo are now doubly important.

  • Crucible is going to give away more legendary drops

This is fine, though hopefully they realize that even the legendary drops are worthless of a 310 light level is only getting 280-290 gear. Bungie hasn't commented on whether or not light level will affect the level of the drop. Assume nothing will change there.

  • Revives have been hit with a major nerf

Players have figured out how to do "drive by" revives based on gear, stats, etc. That's not going to happen anymore as Bungie has decided to decrease the range that a player has to be within in order to revive a teammate. Also just about every timer involved with this has been changed as well.

There are a whole host of other changes specifically to weapons themselves. One of the big changes is that the Year One Ice Breaker is no longer going to allow generated ammo to be carried over to other weapons. This was a major tweak necessary, especially for Trials of Osiris players who felt it was an exploit to take a crappy sniper and move it over to a much better one such as the 1,000 yard stare or Black Spindle.

We'll have to wait for the full list of changes, but as it stands there are more than 30 changes on deck to various weapons, drops, and skills that will affect gameplay next week. Bungie has stated that there will be a full blog post with all of this information shortly.