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Can you escape the underworld? New skin event coming to SMITE

by: Nathan -
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If there is one thing the SMITE community has been begging Hi-Rez for years is two things. A new skin for Hades and a new skin for Arachne. Well we are about to get both as Hi-Rez has announced the "Escape from the Underworld" skin event.

Throughout the month, Hi-Rez will release a series of "underworld" based skins for Arachne, Nox, Hou Yi, Guan Yu and Hades. These skins will be like the previous Odyssey and Summer of SMITE events where you need to purchase the skins in order to get the limited edition skin for free. It's not known what skin will be the limited one but seeing as the event is based around Hades, I would say it's probably him. 

The other cool thing is that the arena map is getting a special artwork for the event and a new bonus round will be added to the match. In this new bonus round both teams will be sent to the center of the coliseum and will be surrounded by lava. Teams will then battle for 60 seconds. Whichever team wins will earn bonus worshipers. 

Finally here will be special quests that will run for a limited time and these quests will help earn collection bonuses more easily. 

For more information, be sure to check out the official website

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