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Engage in tugboat warfare in World of Tanks

by: Randy -
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So here's another April Fool's joke of sorts that turns out to be a real thing you can do. World of Tanks made a watery, island-pocked map, and set everyone loose on it with a "tank boat" made from the TOG II chassis. They took the tank that everyone says looks like a boat—and made it a boat. gave it a tugboat hull. So, haha: tugboat, TOGboat.

And it's fun. It blusters around in the water, sputtering around sluggishly like an actual boat. But everybody's in the same sluggish TOG boat tank thingy, so it doesn't matter that you're moving like a, well, like a tank in water.

It is/was only available this weekend, April 1–3, so hurry up if you're only just now reading this. It's a strange coincidence that War Thunder also drummed up some out-of-character waterworks for their player base to mess around with this weekend. It's like these two companies are capitalizing on the fact that naval combat is awesome—and that naval combat certainly having a moment right now.

World of Tanks is a free-to-play tank action game, with a whole bunch of tanks on one side versus a whole bunch of tanks on the other. You can be a tank commander right now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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