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SFV is having Matchmaking difficulties….again

by: Dan -
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So the scheduled maintenance break for the Street Fighter V servers completed over 15 hours ago and didn’t add in anything on the surface (including the elusive Alex), but it looks like there may be some issues percolating below the surface.

Twitter reports from the SFV team are indicating that there are Matchmaking issues ongoing right now on the heels of the maintenance break and they are working on it. Per the feed and posts from users, it looks like the issues have been ongoing pretty much since the maintenance break ended per Twitter user @ValiantNorth, but was just recently acknowledged by the SFV team, 15 hours after it started.

The launch of Street Fighter V has not been the best, with lots of issues plaguing the Matchmaking and bugs popping up including a matchmaking issue last week on March 19th. Here is hoping that the Capcom team will get this straightened out quickly and take care of their loyal fans before they completely turn against them.