Fallout 4 Automatron release having issues on Steam in UK

by: Dan -
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Earlier today we posted about the expected Fallout 4 Automatron release on PS4 coming at 1PM Tuesday while the rest of the world would receive it at midnight local time. Well, unfortunately the folks in the UK are experiencing some delays with the download from Steam as seen in this Twitter exchange between a gamer and Bethesda. It appears there is some sort of hiccup on the Valve end that is causing the rollout to be delayed over an hour and a half past the midnight release time.

Hopefully this will be ironed out before the North America release comes in the next couple hours, otherwise Bethesda will have a litany of tweets asking where the heck is the DLC. At this point it only appears that the issue is with Steam, but either way hopefully it is resolved quickly and prior to Midnight EST.

UPDATE: [DAN]: The Bethesda Twitter account confirms that Automatron is now live for Steam users in Europe.