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SMITE celebrates its second birthday and skin code giveaway

by: Nathan -
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This week marks two years since Hi-Rez's MOBA, SMITE, has been released and to celebrate those two years, they are having a week long event with sales, and in game promotions. From Tuesday March 22nd to Monday March 28th, the Ultimate God Pack will be 50% off for the first time. The Ultimate God Pack will unlock all current gods in the game and will also get you new gods released in the future for free. All gem packs will be 33% off and the Playstation 4 founders pack will be 50% off. Players will also receive double login bonuses all week as well. 

They will also be running events all week to celebrate. 

  • Tuesday 3/22 – 3x Worshipers
  • Wednesday 3/23 – Double FWOTD(First win of the day) Bonus
  • Thursday 3/24 – Icon Sale 50% Off
  • Friday 3/25 – 1 FWOTD Cutesy Thor Icon
  • Saturday 3/26 – 2x Everything
  • Sunday 3/27– 3 FWOTD SMITE Chest Roll
  • Monday 3/28 – Voice Pack Sale 50% Off

As most of you know, I have been playing SMITE for quite some time and I would like to celebrate as well. Hi-Rez has generously sent me some skin codes to give away and I will post them below. A single number in each code has been replaced with a "?". First come first serve! 

Winters Wrath Skadi PCWW8DF66C42?0315

Battle Bard Apollo PCBB8BCC1698603?5

Recon Artemis PCAR92C2E796?0315

Thunders Road Raijin PCTR8C9F?E7660315

Hell Rider Chiron PCHR93AD1F7A?0315

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