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Creative Control movie looks at love and sex through augmented reality lenses

by: Randy -
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Virtual Reality is a big deal again, folks. Oculus Rift. HTC Vive. PlayStation VR. Gear VR. Google Cardboard, for heaven's sake. But I mean, there are entire generations of people raised on video games, and those people are thinking a lot about VR right now. Some are even making movies about it.

Creative Control is a movie coming out of Amazon Studios, and aside from its faux arthouse black & white-ness, it looks like a good time. Rotten Tomatoes would disagree, but audiences appear to be enjoying themselves. The setting is New York, five minutes in the future, lol. But the film's augmented reality looks slick enough to want right now. And it looks like the movie doesn't waste too much time getting to the 'biggest fear' of VR—that our relationship with reality and real relationships will, of course, get blurry or whatever.

The human brain is very good at distinguishing reality and unreality. But that doesn't mean the topic isn't good drama fodder for indie Hollywood. If you want good deep-dish sci-fi, there's still Ex Machina that you've been promising to finally watch, and The Martian, and Interstellar, and Moon, and, and...

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