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Dying Light: The Following comes to GOG, joins other not-so-old good games

by: Sean Colleli -
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Ostensibly, GOG stands for Good Old Games, but after the Witcher 3, pre-orders for No Man's Sky and now Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition, the service has been getting Good New Games too. Right now you can get Dying Light for 17% off to celebrate its debut on the GOG store and of course GOG's account service, GOG Galaxy.

What this means is Dying Light is now 100% DRM-free, which is music to my ears and a lot of other gamers who are fond of open, flexible software platforms. 

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Polish Powers Combined: Techland joins GOG.com with launch of Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition

Another Polish acclaimed AAA title launches DRM-free--and 17% off--on CD Projekt RED's global distribution platform.

March 16, 2016 - Dying Light has been a critical and commercial success with over 7 million gamers across the world and over 50 awards and nominations. The Enhanced Edition of the parkour-fueled, zombie-killing survival experience offers improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and all bonus content released to date -- and is now available DRM-free, with a week-long 17% discount, on GOG.com. It also joins CD Projekt RED's own the Witcher 3 as another acclaimed recent AAA title on the the global distribution platform.

With release of pre-orders for the long-anticipated No Man's Sky, Dying Light Enhanced Edition launch, and more breaking news coming in the near future GOG.com is hitting the big time in 2016.