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All you need is 3 new low-riders in Grand Theft Auto V update

by: Chapel -
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The latest Grand Theft Auto V update, Lowriders: Custom Classics, has landed. Now available to you are a few new vehicles, described by Rockstar as such:

Check out two more upgradeable muscle cars: the Vapid Slamvan and the brand new Dundreary Virgo Classic. And if that's not enough, Benny is revisiting one of his favorite rides, the Willard Faction, to offer a new upgrade style that will have you towering over others in your very own Custom Donk.

Also available, in addition to the standard new clothes, are two new weapons, the compact assault rifle and the double barreled shotgun, both of which can be used from the driver's seat of your bouncy new neon cars.

You can put your new vehicles to the test in the new adversarial mode, Sumo. This will pit you, or your team, against other vehicles, your goal being to force them out of a designated area.

You can read the full update on Rockstar's page here.