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SMITE is getting a new goddess, new skins and the 2016 Season Ticket in the latest patch

by: Nathan -
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SMITE is getting a new patch this week and it's a pretty big one. The first addition is the newest character joining the roster, Skadi, The Norse "Goddess of Winter". First off, more Norse gods! VEW! Second, I cannot wait to play her because Skadi is yet another new god added to the game that features abilities that are completely new to the game.

Her passive is Kaldr, The Winter Wolf. Yes, she has a wolf as a pet and the pet is just as much of a character and part of the battle as anyone else. Kaldr will always remain by Skadi's side during the battle and she can send him out to attack enemies. Skadi also has a new form of crowd control. Her third ability is "permafrost". She freezes the ground and any enemies within the ice will start sliding in the direction they are running. They can also be bounced around like a pinball if they hit walls or other players.

As with all patches, this one includes a bunch of new skins as well.

  • "Recon" Artemis (The latest skin in their "Spec Ops" theme of skins) 
  • "Hellrider" Chiron 
  • "Battle Bard" Apollo (Tier 2)
  • "Thunder's Roar" Raijin (Tier 2)
  • "Chaacolate" Chaac (he is a giant chocolate bunny and it's amazing)

The other thing that is coming in the latest patch is this years "Season Ticket". Last year, you could buy the SMITE Pro League Season Ticket, which would grant you access to a special player card boarder and access to play the fantasy game where you would guess who would win upcoming games in the SMITE Pro League. Every time the team you picked won, you would earn points. You would also earn points for every time you get a win with the special Season Ticket boarder equipped. The more points you earned, the more free prizes you would earn including skins, voice packs, and emotes. This year, the season ticket returns and there are a ton of skins that you can earn

Here is a list of the skins that you can earn from the 2016 Season Ticket,

  • "SPL 2016" Bellona (you can get this just from buying the season ticket)
  • "Sunstar" Ra 
  • "Last Commando" Rama
  • "Adjudicator" Anubis 
  • "Crimson Ops" Bastet
  • "White Death" Loki
  • "Silent Blade" Nemesis
  • "Aurum" Nu Wa

To check out the rest of the changes, including all of the nerfs and buffs (WHY ARE YOU BUFFING HERCULES! ARE YOU INSANE, HI-REZ? WTF!?).. be sure to check out the official patch notes.

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