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Other Places takes a video tour of Elite: Dangerous

by: Randy -
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The Other Places video series thinks about stuff. It thinks about what a video game does when you're not playing it; or how a gameworld operates when you're not watching. Other Places has one answer to that question: nothing happens. But not "nothing" in the sense that your PC or console is switched off. "Nothing" in the sense that the sun rises and sets, a little rain falls, and maybe a pedestrian strolls down an empty sidewalk.

In Elite: Dangerous, asteroids ring around the planets, planets ring around the stars, and stars ring around the galaxy. It's good, no matter what physical/emotional/spiritual climate you find yourself in, to take a moment to contemplate the endless. There's nothing quite like the infinite to give you perspective on the finite. 

Haha just kidding. Video games! But no, seriously, I love how every video in this series—even if it's in a violent environment like Star Wars: Battlefront or a lonely woodland like Firewatch—gives you something of a 'living postcard' look at a world that may be difficult to appreciate in the middle of all the action.