EVE: Gunjack will be a launch title on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

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You're getting mauled by that turret over there. It's just bullets, bullets, bullets aimed for your face, making your life miserable. You take cover, stop n' pop, somersault behind the next barricade, then peel off a few more caps until you've finally flanked that bad boy and taken 'em out. Then you know instinctively, as a gamer, what's coming next: you get to use the turret now. And, oh look, here come a few waves of enemies headed your way. 

It always sucks to face off against a turret, and it's always awesome when you get a turret in your own hands. EVE: Gunjack takes that idea and boils it down. You're essentially a turret--and it's horde mode time. Pull the trigger, watch numbers pop out of enemy ships, snag weapon upgrades sailing toward you, pull the trigger some more.

Developer CCP claims that Gunjack is already a best-seller on Samsung GearVR. Now CCP is bringing Gunjack to VR platforms Oculus Rift (launching March 28) and HTC Vive (launching April 5 launch). That's in, like, two weeks and three weeks, y'all. It's happening. VR is really happening. Gunjack is keeping its $9.99 price tag.


Arcade Shooter Adds Higher-Resolution Graphics, Improved Textures, and Achievements in Move to PC VR Platforms

11 Mar 2016 - Reykjavik, Iceland - CCP Games today announced that Gunjack, the visually stunning virtual reality (VR) arcade shooter for the Samsung Gear VR platform, will come to PCs on March 28th when the Oculus Rift VR headset ships, and later in 2016 for the HTC Vive. Built from the ground up for VR using the next-generation Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, Gunjack delivers fast-paced and fully immersive action in a gorgeous panoramic sci-fi setting.

Gunjack launched in November 2015 for the Gear VR and has been the top-selling game on the platform ever since.

"We're honored by the reception Gunjack has had so far and excited to bring the game to new platforms," said Jean-Charles Gaudechon, executive producer of Gunjack. "Our goal is to push the boundaries when it comes to VR and immersion, and we really want to bring this experience to as many players as possible."

For its debut on PCs, Gunjack adds higher-resolution graphics, an enhanced audio experience, vastly improved textures, models, and effects, achievements, leaderboards and more, but will keep the same price of $9.99.

In Gunjack, players take on the role of a gun turret operator on a mining vessel in the Outer Ring region of known space. As part of the ship??s defense team, it is up to the player to protect the rig from pirates, opportunists and anyone else looking to take what rightfully belongs to the company.

Gunjack is a first-person arcade shooter built from the ground up for virtual reality. With its intuitive controls and intense, full-immersion action, Gunjack is the ultimate pick-up-and-play VR experience. The sense of immersion inherent in VR games is heightened even further by Gunjack??s amazing action and graphics, built on a solid foundation with Epic's Unreal Engine 4. Players?? turrets, the environment, and enemy ships spring to life in VR with dazzling clarity.

Gunjack is set in CCP's sprawling EVE Universe, which also includes EVE Online on PC, DUST 514 on PlayStation 3, and the upcoming VR game for PCs and PlayStation 4, EVE: Valkyrie.

More information about Gunjack can be found at http://www.gunjack.com/.
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