Raw Data looks like great co-op VR fun

by: John -
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Every day I find new games and applications that make me even more excited to get the HTC Vive. Today's game comes from the company, Survios.

Raw Data is a co-op game where you take on hordes of robots using weapons like guns, bow and arrows, and a lightsaber katana. It looks like massive fun and it will be up on Steam Early Access soon.

You'll be standing and using the motion controllers for the Vive and when its released, the Oculus to aim, shoot, and swing your way through waves and waves of enemies. Right now, it looks like you have limited movement, but that could change in the future.

I'm most excited about the ability to play with another using a VR HMD and, of course, shooting the hell out of robots coming your way. The co-op will be limited to local for now, but the developers plan on expanding that to be network capable and expand on the game with a campaign mode as well.

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