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World of Tanks shows you how to play its maps because you don't know what you're doing

by: Randy -
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This new Map Mondays video series from World of Tanks developer, Wargaming, is great. Last Monday featured the map called Mines. Mines is a favorite of veterans and newbies alike, as it's one of the first maps you're ever introduced to in World of Tanks. It was also prominently featured in the League (WGL) last month in Las Vegas.

This week's Map Monday is all about Mittengard. Or, as the narrating dev likes to call it, "Death Bowl." It's got steep sides, a brawling urban area in the middle, and opposing starting points that angle upwards in a horrifying half-pipe-like sweep along the canyon walls. It's a mean, scrappy, hateful-looking map. All the more reason to get some tips and pointers on how to play it effectively, which is exactly what this Map Monday video series aims to do. There's always a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I'm thrown into a map I've never seen before. This series will alleviate that feeling. A little. I mean, if every match has a winner, then every match has a loser, too. So I have to deal with that feeling in my gut, as well.

World of Tanks most recently launched on PlayStation 4. It's good. (GN score: 8.8/10.) World of Tanks, ever since I hit up the PC launch in 2011, has been my go-to game when I've only got 15 minutes to play something. Not that I mind longer stretches, but it's a blast even in short spurts.

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