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Surprise or not, The Division's launch has been a disaster.

by: Sean Cahill -
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Like most of the gaming world, I sat down at my computer this evening ready to dive into Tom Clancy's The Division. After a fairly successful beta, it appeared that Ubisoft had satisfied everyone enough into believing that there wouldn't be any issues logging into uPlay and getting things going.

My pre-download finished somewhere around 11:30 PM, thirty minutes to spare before the game officially launched at Midnight EST. As soon as the game said it was available, I was greeted with a 4.5GB patch. Sadly, everyone is used to these Day Zero patches, so after about thirty minutes of downloading because everyone wanted the same thing, it looked as though things were ready to go.

And they were! I got the opening video and managed to even create my character. However, when I hit the first safehouse, I was greeted with this:

 I tried to re-launch it with the OK tab below the error message, but got the same error.

After being forced to close the client, I came back to the uPlay launcher to this message:

Well...that isn't good, now is it Ubisoft? Somehow, it got worse. I reloaded my client and found that it wasn't just The Division that was having trouble now.

 As of press time, just after 1 AM Eastern, uPlay is still down and people have taken to Twitter to show just how upset they are. I tried to inject a little humor with my tweet, and it seems that people agree with the sentiment that we just want to play this game.

 For what it's worth, Ubisoft are aware of the situation. Whether or not it gets fixed sooner rather than later will remain to be seen. For now, this is a busted night of enjoying a new game.