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Watch the PC and PS4 graphically duke it out in The Division

by: Randy -
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Just in time for The Division's March 8 launch, Candyland assembled a diligent, unbiased look (as Candyland always does) at graphical comparisons. This time it's a high-end PC vs. PlayStation 4. Right off the bat it's easy to see that The Division developer, Ubisoft Massive, invested blood, sweat, and tears into putting the two platforms on par with one another. It's also easy to see that a high-end PC takes advantage of sharper-lined shadows, brighter brights, darker darks, and richer, more detailed draw distances. If you want straight up 60 frames per second on a nothing-but-net PC, rewind to this trailer from a couple weeks ago. Glorious.

Such a great-looking game, no matter how you slice it. GN Editor-in-Chief Chuck Husemann is boots on the ground in The Division as we speak, typing up gameplay notes and peeling caps the full length and breadth of an embattled Big Apple. Look for his write-ups soon. This is in addition to the brief but excellent weekend beta that several of the staff logged into.

Tom Clancy's The Division launches Tuesday, March 8. Ubisoft has a major hit on its hands. Here's to smooth sailing on launch day.