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Check out the launch trailer for The Division

by: Rob -
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Just a few days now until Ubisoft releases The Division on March 8th. And just in time they've released a launch trailer for your viewing pleasure. The Division is getting a lot of positive press lately as we lead up to that launch. There's been 2 Betas already so a lot of folks have a pretty good idea of what we're in for. You can check out a bit of staff opinion here.

As for myself, I played a bit of the Open Beta as well. I was very impressed with the visuals, the feel of this brave new world, and gameplay mechanics, but underwhelmed with the Dark Zone. There were just too many time I "went rogue" even though I was trying to be a lawful/good character. Once I was trying to save a another human from a NPC up close and a stray bullet hit the player instead of the enemy and now I'm the bad guy. There are apparently no good samaritans in the Division. Another time I was shot point blank by another human and when I retaliated I was the one who went rogue and not the aggressor. On top of that it seemed the best defense was to just run away like a madman down one street after another because the cover based mechanics (while working excellently in the singly-player campaign) make it difficult to really chase down and eliminate a fleeing target. There seems to be a very solid game there, but I really hope the Dark Zone has undergone an overhaul before release. 

The Division releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC next week, March 8th. 

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