SMITE has officially entered closed beta for the PS4

by: Nathan -
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SMITE on the PS4 is underway as the closed beta has officially started. There were a select number of people that were in the closed alpha but the game has opened up to more players, and if you are interested in playing, you can sign up for a beta code at the official website

The open beta will feature all of the season 3 content up to and including Amaterasu and the new Joust map. The PS4 version of SMITE will also include a Founders Pack for $29.99 that will get you every current and future god in the game, 400 gems and two exclusive skins. In terms of free to play games, the Founders Pack is an insane deal and if you enjoy this game and feel like you will be playing for a while, I absolutely recommend picking it up.  

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