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No Man's Sky is coming June 21st with the explorer's edition

by: Sean Colleli -
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I'm still pretty skeptical about this one but Hello Games has announced that No Man's Sky is prepped for a June 21st release date. The regular retail version will run you $60 on PC and PS4. The game will also come in a collectible Explorer's Edition. This $150 bundle is a PC exclusive, will include a copy of the game, a hand-painted die-cast spaceship and a traveler pin. The Explorer's Edition is open for pre-order now and is limited to 10,000 units, so if you want to spend way too much for a pin and a what looks like a Battlestar Viper, head over to iam8bit before they're all gone.

I have to admit I think a June 21st release is still pretty optimistic for No Man's Sky. The developers were so cagey about the release for so long that I predict it will be delayed at least one more time before launch. Then again after so many teases and false starts my enthusiasm for No Man's Sky dried up long ago, so it might just be my cynicism talking.