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VEV: Viva Ex Vivo is like Inner Space: The Game, will have VR support

by: Randy -
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Finally, Inner Space in video game form! VEV: Viva Ex Vivo at first looks like a 3D flOw. That's the Thatgamecompany progenitor to Flower and Journey. But VEV looks at "survival on a microscopic scale." Massive 3D environments that actually fit on the head of a pin or exist within a drop of blood. The trailer cleverly proclaims "An infinitesimally small universe awaits."

See? Clever! The three people that comprise Truant Pixel are smart developers. They may very well be the only gamemakers you read about today unafraid to make "staphylococcus" and "antigenic potential" references about their gameplay. Those certainly aren't the concerns of, say, a Street Fighter or a Legend of Zelda developer.

So, you're basically a scientist controlling a biological drone—but a microscopic drone under a microscope, not some Air Force Ranger with a UAV. Your job is to collect valuable organic particles and avoid competing and predatory organisms. You either collect these particles and absorb them immediately, or you gamble by delaying absorption and aggregating the particles on the VEV's surface; this increases the potential energy multiplier, which presumably knocks your buddies off the top of the VEV leaderboards. Explore, absorb, survive. That's the job.

I'm not sure what a smoothed-out translation of Viva Ex Vivo would be, but a rough translation goes something like "life out of the living," or maybe "out of the living comes life."

VR mode will be offered as a free upgrade once it's available.

VEV: Viva Ex Vivo is coming this summer exclusively to PS4.

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