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Battlefront February update live, with new maps and more

by: Chapel -
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Battlefront has gotten it's February update, which serves as a sort of prelude to the real DLC, which will begin to file in next month. In this update, players get several additions, as well as some general tweaks.

The biggest addition is probably the new map, which takes place on Hoth, this time during a nighttime blizzard. The map supports Fighter Squadron, as well as the 40 player modes Walker Assault, Supremacy, and, as of this update, Turning Point.

That's the other big addition; now, the Turning Point game mode, previously only available on the Jakku map, is available on all of the 40 player maps, which is sure to add a significant amount of variety to the map cycle.

In addition, you can play the survival co-op mode on the map Ice Caves. The Jakku content playlist has been combined with the standard content playlist to ease the matchmaking process for players who have been having issues, due to the disconnect between those with the DLC and those without.

For the full patch notes, check here

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