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Behind the scenes and in-depth into the world of Far Cry Primal

by: Rob -
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Ubisoft has been trumpeting the authenticity of their stone age world building coming to life in Far Cry Primal. It's been intriguing to keep tabs on, but nothing I've seen really brings it all together like this video below. It's 11 minutes and a fascinating look at the work going into making a vibrant and believable Mesolithic setting in the Carpathian mountain chain. The team at Ubisoft brought in historical and linguistic experts from McGill University (you'll have to forgive the narrator at the 2 minute mark when he calls it "the University of McGill") and the University of Kentucky. They've gone so far as to produce unique languages for the three major tribes based on Indo-European roots and put their motion capture actors through movement training to try and de-20th century-ify them.

Far Cry Primal releases February 23rd for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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