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Capcom bumps up the PC release of Street Fighter V by a few hours

by: Nathan -
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So I was pretty bummed out that I wasn't going to get to play Street Fighter V until late tomorrow night due to work because originally the game was going to be released sometime tomorrow morning, but now the game will unlock on PC at midnight tonight. 

Here is a list of launch times for PC players from the official Steam community 

Europe........Feb. 16 @0:00AM UK (UTC+00:00)
AUS/NZ.......Feb. 16 @11:00AM Sydney (UTC+10:00)
Americas.....Feb. 16 @0:00AM EST (Feb. 15@9:00PM PST)
Asia.............Feb. 17 @2:00AM JST (UTC+09:00)

I already have the game pre installed and ready to go but I think I might stay away from online for a bit. First, I want to get some time in with all the characters before taking any of them online. There is also the fact that with big releases like this, and the fact it includes cross play online between PS4 and PC, I have a feeling the servers may explode tonight and we won't get that many good games in anyways.