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Spoiler Territory: The first 15 minutes of Firewatch

by: Randy -
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Look, I understand. You're still on the fence about Firewatch. You've seen the opening section when you arrive at the watchtower, but you know there's a prologue before that. Campo Santo Productions has been careful about keeping the prologue out of promotional materials. But you're not quite convinced on why you should get into Firewatch. If you could just see this prologue, maybe it would explain a few things. Maybe that would be the hook sinking into your cheek. I mean, why is the main character, Henry, sounding so super-jaded on his first day of work? What brings Henry out here in the first place?

It's going to be okay. The prologue is full of binary choices for you to make. They inform your character, Henry, and put you on solid footing as to why you've taken a job out in the Shoshone National Forest. Proceed with caution on this 'first 15' video. If you know you're buying Firewatch, then don't watch this. But if you need that extra kick in the pants, maybe this will do it. It doesn't make it through the entire prologue. I'm a slow player. I had to make some thoughtful decisions. You'll see what I mean.

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