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Other Places goes to the Shoshone National Forest in Firewatch

by: Randy -
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It's Firewatch Day here at Gaming Nexus. Watch YouTuber Ultrabrilliant take his camera through Firewatch's Olly Moss-painted Wyoming woodlands. The Shoshone National Forest is gorgeous in real life, I'm sure, but it's tough to beat Moss's paintbrush and Ultrabrilliant's eye for framing images just right.

Watch this space for our upcoming review of Firewatch. And get just a hint of the humor, romance, and danger in these short videos, or a glimpse of the emotional depth hitting you in the face within the first minutes by reading Gaming Nexus writer Travis Huinker's account of crying while watching a Twitch streamer.

Firewatch came out February 9 for PC and PlayStation 4, and I'm losing my mind waiting for this game to finally download for me. Fifty percent downloaded and counting.

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