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New World of Tanks physics have you whip, nae nae

by: Randy -
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Developer isn't taking a smoke break when it comes to World of Tanks. This video is a look at what's in the near future for the free-to-play tank 'em up on PC. And, naturally, improvements that come to the PC version will follow on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions. 

First, improved physics. These tanks are whipping 180-degree turns and rolling head-over-heels around too-fast corners. They're also kicking up a lot more dirt under their tracks. More tank models are remodeled in HD, too.

Second, dynamic sound. You've gotta know what you're listening for, but you'll be able to tell what hit you—or bounced off—by the sound the shell makes. You'll have an idea of what caliber of gun and what type of shells it's using. And just the general sound of firing your gun packs more of a wallop. 

Third, a new map and a map change are in order. Ravaged Capital runs you through the streets of Paris, the Eiffel Tower rising above the battlefield. The other, Sacred Valley, underwent significant changes to the central and perimeter locations. Aside from the beautifully Japanese aesthetic it holds onto, you might as well be learning an entirely new map.

Download the World of Tanks test client (on PC) to try out the new features and leave feedback for the developers. I can't wait for these features to roll onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

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