A zen-like visit to the island of The Witness

by: Randy -
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After seven or so years in development, The Witness is finally out in the wild. Apparently, developer Jonathan Blow (Braid) has done it again. Review aggregator OpenCritic has it sitting pretty at an 88 out of 100. The Witness is a modern-day Myst; a silent island filled with puzzles and puzzling sculptures.

In his Other Places video series, YouTuber Ultrabrilliant takes his patient, thoughtful camera lens across the island. I haven't been turned on by polygonal art styles as of late, but The Witness does it very, very right. The place is gorgeous. All the more stunning that each of these environments is situated on a relatively small island. The dunes, the waterfalls, the coast, the castle, the cherry blossoms, the forests—everything is within walking distance of each other.

The Witness is out now as of January 26 on PC and PlayStation 4. TBA on iOS.