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Street Fighter 5 post-launch plans start taking shape

by: Jeremy -
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We are just a few days away from the launch of Street Fighter 5 on the PlayStation 4 and PC. When the game launches next week, fans are going to see a new direction and approach for the series. This is a game with long-term plans in place for its support and growth. This means that the game that launches next Tuesday might not necessarily be the same experience we are going to see months and years down the line. Capcom has started laying out a timeline for some of the changes and additions coming to the title down the line.

First off, in news not tying in to the evolution of the game, Capcom has confirmed that PlayStation 3 fightsticks will be compatible with the game at launch. That means that you don’t necessarily have to throw down another couple of hundred bucks for a new, PS4 compatible stick if you haven’t already. In terms of additional content headed to the game, Capcom has already announced that a deep, story mode is coming sometime in the very near future. They have also announced that a spectator mode is also on tap to be added shortly after launch which will allow players to watch some of the best players battle it out online, live while it happens.

The first DLC character has already been revealed for the game as well and given a launch window of March 2016. One month into the life of the game, fan-favorite Alex will be joining the roster. He will be the first of six characters that will be added to the game this year, with one launching (tentatively) each month, from March until August. All of the characters will be available for purchase with both real-life money and in-game currency earned just by playing the game.