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Quantum Break coming out for the PC as well, free for Xbox One owners

by: John -
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One of the more highly anticipated games for the Xbox One is Quantum Break. The game comes from Remedy who made Alan Wake and Max Payne. It's been shown for a few years now, but the game will finally hit the store shelves April 5th.

The big news today is that the game will also be available on the PC for those running Windows 10. And, if you pre-order it on the Xbox One, you'll get the PC version at no additional cost. Alan Wake will also be included in all orders as well on the Xbox One, which is a nice bonus. The free WIndows 10 version is a limited time offer or while supplies last.

If you don't have an Xbox One, Microsoft announced a new Quantum Break special edition bundle It's a white console and white controller with the game included and a 500GB HDD for $349.

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