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You can now fly in first-person with manual controls in EVE Online

by: Randy -
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I never thought I'd see the day. EVE Online, beloved and derided sci-fi "spreadsheet simulator," added a first-person camera view. No, it's no EVE: Valkyrie when it comes to front-facing action, but it's a start. This is along with several other changes to camera controls, but first-person view dramatically shifts perspective from the usual panned-out, third-person view that EVE players are used to. Zoomed way out in third-person is still obviously the only way to conduct yourself in a serious conflict. But I'll tell you what: First-person makes me want to reboot this bad boy and fly around a space station or two.

Fast forward to 3:28 to get into the cockpit view with stepped zoom. But new camera features affect the orbit camera, the tactical camera, and marquee selection, in addition to the first-person camera. Pairing it with the also-new-ish manual flight feature is jaw dropping.

The new camera has been in EVE's public test server since November of last year. It went into opt-in beta on the main server in December. Today, it's turned on by default. Full, developer-deep details are in this dev blog.

In addition to reviewing EVE Online (once in '06 then again in '09), it's probably the game I've written the most words about in my run as a gamer. It's tied itself into my life during a sucky run of unemployment. It's been there for me when I've done nothing but spin my wheels. It was here when wildfires ripped across Southern Oregon only a short drive from my house. EVE Online has even shaped my perspective as I've raised my daughter. Everybody has that one game. Mine is EVE. And now