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We're getting a single player campaign in Titanfall 2

by: John -
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Titanfall was something that started out kinda big, but seemed to fade quickly. I've barely touched the game and I don't know anyone that continued to play it much after a month of it being released. One of the big complaints about Titanfall was the lack of a good single player campaign. Well, Respawn is going to fix that in the next game.

Talking with Forbes, Jesse Stern, who's the lead writer for Titanfall 2, promises that the game will have a dedicated campaign. It'll be inspired by the American Revolution and the game will be on multiple platforms rather than being a console exclusive.

I'm sure we'll get more come E3 time, but it's good to see that Respawn's looking to flesh out the second game more with better multiplayer and a single player option as well.

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