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World of Warships x3 XP event kicks off during Super Bowl kickoff

by: Randy -
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Don't care about football? Care about the Big Game but also love battleships? Well, World of Warships is having a triple-XP event, starting today from 3:30 p.m.–6:30 p.m. (Pacific). Broncos and Panthers won't be the only teams getting explosive out there; American, Japanese, German, and Russian ships will face off in gut-punching missions to blow each other off the map. Super Bowl commercials may be some of the best and most expensive you'll see all year, but that doesn't mean you can't throw down some torpedoes and explosive shells in the meantime. Hoorah.

World of Warships is also celebrating its six-month-iversary with a whirlwind "Global Tour." It started a couple days ago, Thursday, February 5, and runs through the end of the month. Play with the selected nation's ships during each week, and you'll earn signal flags, type 1 camouflage, discounts on ships from all nations, and premium time. The dates for each nation go:

Feb. 5–8 United States
Feb. 12–15 Germany
Feb. 19–22 Russia
Feb. 26–29 Japan

World of Warships is free to play. I finally bought a new PC yesterday (trust me, it's been a long time coming), so you'll see me out there, sailing the ocean blue, getting salty with my shipmates, and sinking you to the bottom of the drink. Challenge given.

World of Warships Takes an Action-Packed World Tour in February!

Celebrate Six Months of Naval Combat with Bonuses Every Weekend!

February 5, 2016 — Wargaming is proud to announce that World of Warships is officially six months old! To mark this half-year milestone, the North American World of Warships team has created a special series of events for February.

Beginning today, February 5 and running through the end of the month, the "World Tour" event guides captains to far-flung ports of call. Participate as either "hunter" or "hunted" with the week's featured nation. Participants will be able to earn signal flags, type 1 camouflage, discounts on ships from all nations, and premium time.

Official dates and featured nations for the tour are as follows:

Feb 05-08 United States
Feb 12-15 Germany
Feb 19-22 Russia
Feb 26-29 Japan

More information and details for the ??World Tour?? will be available February 5:

In addition to this whirlwind global tour, February features two additional events to capture the attention of World of Warships commanders. Events like the "Kaiju Hunter"; giving captains the opportunity to win a free Tachibana destroyer, and "The Big Game," an event that offers a whopping x3 first-win XP boost during this year's Super Bowl 50. "The Big Game" event kicks off Sunday, February 7 at 3:30 PM PST.

More info on "Kaiju Hunter" can be found here:

Information on "The Big Game" will be featured on Friday February 5:

For the latest information, visit the official World of Warships website: (North America)
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