Watch Conan O'Brien play Doom with NFL players

by: Nathan -
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Last year, before the Superbowl, Conan O'Brien hosted one of his clueless gamer episodes with Marshawn Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks and Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots. In that episode, they played Mortal Kombat X and it was one of the funniest videos I have ever seen in my life, even though I'm not really a huge Conan fan. 

This year, Conan returns to the cheap hotel conference room and plays the new Doom with Von Miller of the Denver Broncos and Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers. Needless to day, there is a lot of violence and a lot of hilarity. Check it out below. 

Speaking of Doom, Bethesda finally revealed the release date and we will be able to get our one way ticket to hell on May 13th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.