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Guy replies to spam email, comedy ensues

by: Randy -
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You have to admit: you're at least a little bit curious. Curious about what would happen if you actually replied to the spam you get in your email—let alone click on any of it. My muscle-memory reaction is to "Delete all spam message now" before I've even read the headlines. Now, is that fair of me? Is it really? What if there really is an unclaimed insurance bond, or diamond-encrusted safe deposit box, or close friend marooned in a foreign country? I should be getting down to the bottom of this, not writing it off as "spam." 

James Veitch, a few years ago, responded to some spam he received. It all went down much funnier than you're even imagining. This 10-minute TED Talk is more like stand-up comedy with its laugh-out-loud moments. He feeds a spammer and winds up with all the material he talks about in the video. Now I'm sad when I look in my Gmail and see "Hooray, no spam here!"

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