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Bungie is trying to find out why Destiny his hitting a rough patch again

by: Sean Cahill -
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Destiny is now roughly a year and a half old, and in the gaming world, that's ancient. The people at Bungie have done what they can so far to keep the game fresh, with The Taken King pulling a large group of players back to the MMO/FPS hybrid last year. Fresh content and new strikes kept players around for quite some time, but Bungie is finding out that the same problem that hit the sci-fi title last year is coming up again.

I've been an avid player of Destiny on both systems, but I now play it exclusively on the Playstation 4. Lately, though, I haven't been logging in as much for my dailies. My primary character (Titan) is about as strong as she's going to get and I don't have the urge to level up a Hunter as a third character. It seems as though plenty of others aren't logging in either, because Bungie are sending out questionnaires to players.

Reddit user unknownRNG pointed out that he hasn't played the game in quite some time, so his questionnaire was a bit different than others. While active players were getting a 1-5 rating email, his was simply asking why wasn't he playing anymore. The survey was pretty simple:


Bungie have been teasing new content in the late Winter/early Spring area that wouldn't cost players anything other than logging in and downloading an update, but this looks to be something of an immediate concern. We know that this game is meant to get multiple volumes over the course of the next several years, so it makes sense that the developers want to know what's good and what's not good. We'll see if it leads to anything new or an announcement from the developer.